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In our fast moving world you need to support your dematerialized flows by integrated Master Data.  Data Quality is a must and our solution for building a strong Data network will support your business by sharing product, marketing, nutritional facts, dietary and all kind of information you need with your business partners.

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We can offer you more than 15 years of experience in Electronic Data Interchange, Vendor Managed Inventory and Data Synchronisation GDSN.  This experience has been built in various industries like Retail or Automotive.  We are official partners GS1 since early days.


GENFI MDM is a solution able to build up a single, complete and accurate repository for all kind of Master Data in your company.  It is multinlingual, based on web architecture in order to break the walls with your business partners and speed up deployment.


GENFI PIM (Product Information Management tool) especially designed for managing all views of your products, both as Consumer Units and Trade Units.  Few functionality are Product Classification, Multimedia enrichment, Nutritional Facts, Ingredient Management, Contaminant, Physicochemical Characteristics,...