SiloPoliS. Forget to replenish. Easily.

We will be very pleased if you forget your critical material replenishment thanks to our real time stock management system, SiloPoliS.

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Stock Metering

We deploy connected systems for bulk material level metering and ERP connectors for non bulk stock integration in order to have a real-time material stock level.
Accurate stock level is the foudation of an efficient Vendor Managed Inventory agreement.

Single Platform

All Business Partners involved in the Material Replenishment (Customer, Supplier, Carrier) are sharing the same information at the same time on our SiloPoliS web application.
Real-time shared information is critical for avoiding troubles during material replenishment. 

Alert Monitoring

Powerfull alert monitoring systems enable every user of the system to be informed immediatly in case of decision to be taken (like confirming a transport), technical problem detected or dangerous stock level decrease).
SMS, Mail, Monitoring screen are few of the channels that every user can configure in order to have his own and efficient communication strategy.
Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Metering Convertor

Our patform will collect, analyze and convert electrical signals from various sources.  That metering conversion includes silo design, type of contents and metering tool technology.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Replenishment Planning

Base on real stock level, planned transports and type of planification of the silo, our platform will calculate in real-time an accurate transportation timing taking into account transportation time and replenishment strategies.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

ERP Integration

Probably the most interesting feature of SiloPoliS.  Of course this is a standalone application, but if you use our integration module, you will multiply the power of the platform enabling to create automatically sales and purchase orders, transportation confirmations, etc.